We offer a structured process to allow for a successful transition from an existing manager to a new manager. Our property managers maintain a comprehensive checklist of procedures to ensure that all critical information is obtained to provide seamless transitions between managers.




Operations Management

Obtain and abstract current rent roll

Obtain and abstract current leases

Determine that proper level of property insurance is in place

Obtain telephone and account numbers for utilities

Contact current tenants

Inspect all occupied and unoccupied suites

Inspect all common areas

Change locks, if necessary

Obtain certificates of insurance from tenants and key vendors

Negotiate contracts for required services (e.g. snow removal, landscaping, janitorial, etc.)

Property Accounting

Set up new bank accounts

Determine Owner reporting requirements

Set up property in accounting system

Set up online bills

Determine preferred treatment of taxes, mortgage (if any) and insurance

Create budget

Maintenance & Facilities

Tour the property, inspecting parking lot, roof, electricals, etc.

Inventory all assets

Establish required and preventative maintenance schedules